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Spot Prices:
Sat - Jan 18, 2020 - 03:34:14 AM
Thank you for helping me out with the price board. My customers love it! It also allows me to more confidently rely on my five assistants to accurately price out trades for 95% of our customers. My customers tell me that this is the most efficient and easy to read of all bullion price lists across the internet! This board allows our staff to handle far more trades, far faster than I would be able to accomplish on my own. It easily does the work of two more employees. My business manager, Tim Hronis agrees!
- Jason Hommel
JH Mint
Grass Valley, CA
Nice work! Looks great! ... I'm loving this! Makes life so much easier. ... Thank you for everything and your professionalism! Hard to find these days...
- Michael MacDonald
Whole Sale Gold Group
Concord, CA
Thank you for the gold & silver chart. The chart has given my employes our buy and sell prices without asking me to calculate it every minute. It updates our prices automatically 24 hours a day giving our customers real time prices. The chart keeps us current, saves time and makes us money!
- Jim Luck
Jefferson Coin Shop
Charlottesville, VA
We have been using the Priceboard for over a year now and it has been wonderful. Both our customers and employees can see at a glance what the current prices are without having to leave their place or station. It has generated loyal customers who watch our prices from home then come in or call when they are ready to buy. We use the Priceboard in our shop, and the Shopping Cart Update for our online store. We are extremely pleased with all the service we have had from Randy Hommel.
- Joyce Espinosa
Mom's Silver Shop, Inc.
Sacramento, CA
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